What started as a seemingly lazy way to organize my recipes and thoughts all in one place has turned into fuel for my most rewarding passion: baking and creating.

On an unusually rainy day in September of 2012, a neighbor delivered an egg carton full of fresh figs to my family’s doorstep, and I decided cook a jam with them while taking some photos of the process as well. This was the very beginning of Rainy Day Desserts, a food diary of sorts for experimental recipes, photography, and rambling anecdotes following the trials and tribulations of attempting new things, along with the successes and failures that come with them.

Now I’m a highschooler in Los Angeles, and my love for food has only grown stronger since my awkward fig jam days as a twelve year old bird kid. I love writing stories when I get the chance, singing to the best of my ability, and fattening up my loved ones after spending a rainy day baking.

All pictures and recipes belong to RDD unless stated otherwise.



  1. Hi Bea

    I’m scared of chocolate bacon but I will def be giving the mousse a try.

    Thanks for the idea

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