Pasta Night: Cacio E Pere (pear + cheese ravioli)

Tonight’s dinner involved Cacio E Pere: pecorino, pear, and mascapone concealed in ravioli reminiscent of pillows, bubbled in a skillet of butter and thin, caramelized onions. The process (pictured below) was altogether daunting yet therapeutic, tedious yet rewarding, and I found myself eating extra filling like cookie dough once… Continue Reading

Blackberry Pop-Tarts

If you’re like me, you get nostalgic about your food. If you are me, it’s breakfast food specifically. Like anyone who subconsciously memorizes the little things, the smell of a relative’s basement, which light switch controls the lights as opposed… Continue Reading

Chocolate Chunk Cookies w/ Salty Burnt Caramel

As I tested this recipe earlier today, I was told, “Whatever you’re making smells delicious,” but at this point in time there were only two things on the stove: nearly three sticks of salted butter browning in two separate saucepans. One… Continue Reading

Lucky Shakes

In this world– in these trying times– only a few things surpass the satisfaction of Lucky Charms with cold milk.* The unmistakable faulty blue tint of the milk once you’ve finished the marshmallows and dry cat food always evokes nostalgia, mostly because… Continue Reading

Paint Spill Sugar Cookies (+ DIY Tutorial)

A healthy alternative for those who love eating lead-based paint. An unhealthy alternative for vegetables and other health-related food items due to the fact that they’re cookies. The method is simple: alternate piping thick films of dyed icing onto the… Continue Reading

Spiced Orange 6-Layer w/ Rosemary Buttercream

Unlike cookies, pies, or ice cream, when I decide to make a cake, it becomes my baby for the following 48 hours. Maybe because the time it takes to complete the entire process is highly underrated, but it’s probably also due… Continue Reading

Fresh Mint & Dark Chocolate Tart

For whatever reason, I’ve never been able to truly enjoy a mint-flavored anything. Whether it’s ice cream, cookies, or candy, I have always steered clear of mint chip, thin mints, and peppermint patties, respectively. If it registers as the same flavor of my… Continue Reading